If Eating Contests are so Popular, Why Can’t a Pooping Contest be Popular too?

I watched the tournament between Kobayashi vs a hamster and it got me thinking:

Many of these overeaters are glorified by the public. People praise them for stuffing large amounts of food down their guts. But nobody seems to ask what happens to the overeaters after the contest is over. Do they puke up the food or do they have to digest it to make the contest official. I think the food has to run its course completely to determine a true winner.

Some people may have perfected the art of puking their food up and not digesting any of the hot dogs or whatever they eat. Instead, it should have to completely run through their bodies so they can show us how strong their digestive system is. I want to see them measure the volume of poop that the eating contest generated. If any of them have an unusually light poop, then they most likely puked the food out inside. This should be grounds for disqualification.

It’s amazing to see guys like Kobayashi, as tiny as he is, able to consume large quantities of food. He proved that you don’t have to be very large to win an eating contest. However, he is also possibly showing us that he has a very strong control over his ability to vomit, which is disgusting. A real eating contest should not let the food go to waste like that. There are so many processes that take place in the digestive system that the larger people have trained. Kobayashi probably never needed to train any other part of his digestion like the larger guys. His competition relationship is just between him and his stomach

No winner should be officially declared until the food has processed through the competitors digestion system. Yes, a winner can be announced upon the eating part of the contest, but no official winner should be declared until the food has successfully passed through their digestion.

So, essentially someone who only ate 30 hotdogs could win over someone who ate 50 hot dogs because they were able to pass the food through their guts and into a bucket successfully.

Ofcourse, I’m sure some people might try to cheat in response to new rules like this. Maybe someone could try and swallow some metal weights to add a few more grams to the weight of their poop. But, then again, if we know what the average weight is from eating 50 hotdogs, then this could rule out other kinds of deviant cheaters.


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