Cannon Beach, Oregon is another popular town on the Pacific Coast

It’s amazing how so many people are attracted to the Pacific Coast. There must be something special about the whole coast that really draws people to it. Either way, marketers and salespeople have learned to capitalize on the attraction of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. There are more than enough hotel rooms to sleep in. You can find plenty of places to fatten up at with tons of food. If you aren’t happy enough with the natural beauty of the Pacific Beach, you can also admire the human created art as well.

Cannon Beach wants to set themselves apart as some kind of artist town. The enacted ordinances that prevent individualism as a way to enforce their art upon the public. As you notice with all the buildings, they have to follow a close standardization in appearance for the sake of art. You won’t find any colorful franchises ruining the landscape here. Although, some major businesses, especially banks, have figured out a way to blend in with the broad theme throughout the town. It’s almost as if the town never changed since the days it was first built up by early pioneers.

Ofcourse, a lot has changed since the first European pioneers, Lewis from the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806, arrived. He only came over to strike a deal for 300 lbs of whale blubber from the Indians. There were Indians who lived peacefully a long the shore for thousands of years before white settlers stepped foot on the land. You wouldn’t find all the art stores back then like you do now.

I found it interesting how Highway 101 cut through the town until it was washed out by the 1963 tsunami. That must have been scary for the locals to encounter. The road developers made a new road further from the ocean as a safer decision.

I was amazed to see so many people on a Monday. There were hundreds and hundreds coming in droves. I arrived at about 7 am as the only person in the parking lot. Within 3 hours, it was filled with over 100 cars easily. All the other large parking lots were filled too. There was no special event going on, people just came to shop, eat and look at the needles, like Haystack Rock, in the ocean.

The walkway along the beach of Cannon Beach is just a dirt road. It’s not a heavy concrete promenade, like you see at Seaside just 10 miles north. Seaside created more of a modern day look and has embraced a few more franchises. it’s a little more advanced technologically. They certainly have faster internet speeds than Cannon Beach does at the library.

There is a lot to like about Cannon Beach during the day time. But at night, it feels like everybody gets chased out of the area. They don’t really have a night life. It seems like people might like to spend time during the day at Cannon Beach and then enjoy the nightlife of Seaside. At least, that is my impression.


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