1964 Alaska Earthquake Caused a Massive Change in the Environment


You can see that this earthquake lasted over 4 minutes and liquified the earth at its strongest point. The subsequent tsunami that follow created a lot of destruction that extended down into Oregon and further south. Over 100 people died as a result of the destruction and 100s of human establishments were destroyed as well.

Since the only way to predict an earthquake is to look at where most of them have occurred in the past, we don’t have a reliable means to be accurate about future ones. Like with any natural disaster, all we can do is prepare and pray to be be ready for the next one. We can’t pray that they will go away, because the earth is in constant movement itself.

I am disturbed by the enforcement of human policy to force us to mark our territories and sit on them. Some people are forced to choose very terrible and very risky properties as a result. This is not fair. We all know natural disasters occur and cause major problems for people, yet, in business dealings no one wants to talk about the natural disasters that can occur. Are we more crazy to talk about natural disasters or crazy to ignore them?


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