Think and Grow Rich may be an old book and dated but it can be tweaked a little for modern times

For example, the knowledge resources would have to add the Internet at the top of its list. But the principle is still the same: gaining a general education does very little in your chance at making any real money. That is why many professors are not rich.

The people who are making the most money off the concept of “knowledge is power” are the teachers themselves. They have chosen their lives of selling knowledge. Hill knew they were over selling the concept of knowledge back in the 60s. But it has gotten much worse today with the rising education costs.

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad hit on this concept of poor college more detail. He had a poor college professor dad, and rich business dad. Maybe he didn’t feel that Napolean Hill talked enough about the two different dichotomies.

To be successful, what you need is a specialization. This is a very important concept that Napolean Hill mentions. I like that idea, but I’m only a 100 pages into the book. Maybe he will explain what happens when your specialization may become obsolete. I want to read how he can address that. Is he thinking long-term for the reader?

We have seen countless specialized jobs rise and fall. Many specialists can make a lot of money, but, then the technology could replace them. Those who got in early reap the biggest rewards for the longest time. Those who get in late to the specialization will suffer the consequences.

Another concept is thinking about the money you want to make. I want to add a twist to that and think about the money I want to save. People can demand more money, but that can be at the expense of the other person they do a deal with. The author emphasizes that everyone should be happy in the end with the deal. But that can be like walking on eggshells. You would almost have to specialize at doing deals to be successful.

So far its a neat book. I can’t wait to read more of it.


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