Adrenaline Amusements CEO is Confused by English Grammar. Check out his About Page

This is on their About page:


Building amusement products for TODAY’s kids and for the kid in everyone of us.



Experiencing the experience – Adrenaline Amusements officially started its operation on January 2010. The company is privately held and has its operation based of the greater Montreal area in Canada. The company first product, Kaboom, has been introduced to the other industry members in March 2010.

Adrenaline mission is to develop and introduce a new bread of amusement product to its industry. The foundation of the company lay on 15 years of core experience: David Lachance, Adrenaline President, has bring many technology to the coin-op market and look forward to do more. The team of executive standing behind its President is baring non-traditional skill set that will have Adrenaline’s products stand apart by their design and innovative components as well as their unique go-to-market strategy.

Adrenaline is making a priority of structuring an enhancing a global distribution that already include today’s most respected and influents distributors from North Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“Proud of its young root, Adrenaline’s team is devoting its time and energy to bond technologies and innovating concept in order to exceed the expectation of today’s arcade and amusements true customers: the new generation of video game players.”

Francois Lachance, Adrenaline Amusements CEO


I think he is a French Canadian. He speaks with phrases that seem very foreign. For example: “Proud of its young root”. Usually, in English we say “roots” instead. There a lot of these anomalies in his statement. I already question their success as a business, but now their CEO’s competence also becomes a factor too. However, they are selling their products regardless. I came across this gaming unit in Seaside, Oregon: 

In my opinion, they could do a lot more to integrate the iPad experience with this expensive to play game. Why not offer all the games available to play in the Arcade Room. The Arcade owner could offer the game for free and have the player sign in instead. Then he could use a system of referrals for when someone decides to spend some money on the game. Maybe Foursquare could set up a system of checking into the Arcade Room and you can earn some points, tickets, achievements for going to this Arcade Room to play.

Just offering the same game on a bigger screen and charging $1 to play doesn’t look like a great business model to me. If you go to AA’s Youtube channel and watch videos. many of the commentors say that they are happy playing the game on their iPads.


Top games for 2014 are all racing games


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