I was issued a warning about no camping in Seaside, OR

I parked not far from the hospital and at 6am a Police Officer woke me up from my sleep to tell me that I was not allowed to camp within the city limits of Seaside. She said that she was wearing a camera and recording the incident. Apparently, there is a $700 Fine for camping.

I don’t understand what the problem is. I am a grown man just sleeping in my car. Yet I’m treated like a child in Seaside. If sleeping in your car can bring large fines, then we clearly don’t have many options or freedoms left in this country. The Police State is very hard on the adult population to the point of militarism.

I wasn’t told of any options. Am I to presume that I need to stay awake at night so I won’t get fined? Why does sleeping in public have to be a crime. The Cops must see a large threat from people who are asleep. When they could be looking for criminals, instead they will ticket the people who are sleeping.

Would any reasonable judge support the use of tickets for people who are caught sleeping in their cars. I can only imagine the debates that occurred in the City Council. It would be absolutely crazy if a City Council member ran on the platform of fining the sleepers. Vote for me, I will fight for an Ordinance to send those sleepers to jail. If they want to sleep where we can find them, then they can sleep in jail at your expense.

That is what the police are working on is a frivolous case to send people to jail. They don’t even need to smash your tail light out and ticket you for it not working. The police can just accuse you of sleeping in your car as a reason to start the process of sending you to jail.


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