UberX may Disrupt Taxis, but. Driverless Cars will Disrupt Uber

The driverless are only in their early development stages and probably a long way off from having a supportive infrastructure. But, I have to ask whether the Taxi drivers were really surprised to get blindsided by UberX. The taxi drivers had to suspect that their market conditions were on the verge of changes.

We have seen several movies about the future taxi drivers where a robot drives a person around. I think Total Recall or the Fifth Element portrayed robot taxi drivers. The future of getting more ride interactions is becoming more digital. Fewer people are relying on calling a Taxi Cab company.

UberX is moving as fast as they can to gain ground. In a weird way, they are a little late to the transportation game. They are pushing the limits of the current laws to grow as fast as they can. They know that driverless cars are the future, but the laws do not know that.

Technology is driving our future. Many kinds of technology have to get out of the way for others. It can be hard to understand exactly the direction that it will go. Maybe there will be some unforeseen problem with driverless cars that makes them impossible to follow through on. The developers are still exploring the future within their own pace.

UberX is better poised to compete against the driverless car market if it ever became a thing. The Taxi driver profession may have gotten bowled over by UberX, but there are bigger competitors emerging in the technology center that would have made more of an impact than UberX, had everything come out at once. But that is the timeline of technology. Not everything is invented at once.

If you look historically back at early taxis, I bet the train system was very upset to see all these taxi cars taking away the trains business of transporting people. Where would our transportation tech be today if we tried to protect the market of trains? It’s been a constant progression in business, and so far for the past 100 years, nothing has been the same.


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