Why do males destroy the public bathrooms?

You never see so much destruction of a facilities as you do in a male restroom. The people who have to clean up after them really have their work cut out for themselves. It’s like they have to clean up daily (f)art projects. There are a lot of fecal art projects being made in bathrooms that only sickos create.

Males seem to take a lot of pride in their poop. Many don’t even flush the toilets so that they know the next guy will have to look at their poop. It’s all clearly done on purpose. This is a sign of psychotic behavior. It may not be a glaring sign, but certainly it should be a red flag. Males who want to show their poop to other people think that their poop looks awesome.

For some males, about the only production you can get out of them is their poop. Many are not worth the poop they produce for the day. The destruction they do to the public bathrooms is a good sign they should probably stay out of the workforce as well. To show such a lack of respect towards others is very insulting.

Its possible that the people who badly mess up bathrooms might have a drug addiction of some kind too. To be able to sit back and make the facilities worse must take someone who is not sober to perform. There is something very wrong with these people.

There was a time when human poop was a little more useful. We would poop in pits and drainage that were used to fertilize our crops. The poop was treated a little bit more efficiently in nature. There were no washrooms, just the ground. There was no plumbing, just open ditches or holes. Young males didn’t have any facilities to make a greater mess in. The mess would blend in with the dirt.

Based in the messes I have seen in public restrooms, I can tell that we haven’t evolved that much further from the apes. Humans have flung their own poop at people, just like monkeys do. Many will gag and lol at the smell. Some just take an unhealthy fascination with their own feces that is bizarre.

Can these people be helped? I don’t think there are enough stickers and signs you can affix to the bathrooms to change their behaviors. You have to take them on a case by case basis. I think the people who play with their poop a lot and make terrible messes in the bathrooms will be young, antisocial and probably look unkempt and unhealthy. There is a good chance they don’t take very good care of themselves, and therefore they have a high probability of destroying public bathrooms too.

Its a sanitary and health issue. We need to target and put these sick bastards on probation as early and for as long as possible. They need to be watched closely, supervised and given harsh punishments for bad behavior. I don’t recall ever wanting to make a terrible mess of a bathroom nearly as much as the people who destroy them these days. Something is wrong with society.

I was reading Reddit and there is a good discussion about poop messes:


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