I drove to Astoria and found startling information about my bicycle

Its a strange series of events which may or may not be related to each other. What drew me to Astoria initially was out of boredom. I was hanging out in Seaside and was looking forward to walking into the library at 9am on Monday. Unfortunately, they were closed all day. Their long hours are Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I felt distraught about the doors not opening.

So I hopped back in my car and started driving back north. It wasn’t until halfway down that I remembered that Astoria and Warrenton both had Gigwalk jobs available for a total of $12. So, I decided to do them to cover my gas costs for this frivolous drive. Afterwards, the jobs seemed to go well.

After completing the quick projects, I started scheming about how to get another bicycle. My first stop was over the the Astoria Rescue Mission. I wanted to see what they would say about where to get another very cheap bicycle. I was pretty clueless. They started making suggestions about going to the Thrift Stores. I listened while petting their cat.

Then I said I felt like stealing a bicycle myself, because I feel like taking revenge on a stranger. That’s when they brought up a situation that occurred where a guy stopped by at their house, the previous night, and tried to sell them a bicycle. The residents described the bicycle closely to mine, before I could begin to tell them about it.

They said it was a black mountain bicycle with a rack on the rear wheel that can carry stuff. I thought that was interesting how similar this bicycle was sounding to mine. But that was all they could describe about the bicycle. They went into further detail about the guy selling it. They said he was very rude and that they wanted him to leave the house for his behavior. He also had a beard like mine too.

I digested this bit of information and wondered if this was the guy who took my bicycle. Did he try to sell it to a homeless shelter last night in Astoria? My bicycle was stolen in Seaside. If I were to sell stolen merchandise, I would not sell it in the same city I took it. It seems strange how both the thief and I went to the same homeless shelter about my stolen bicycle. It’s like the epicenter for criminal activity. He tried to sell my bicycle.

Either way, I don’t want to steal another persons bicycle. But, I really need a bicycle. I rely on bicycle heavily. I love to park my car for long periods of time to go on long rides around interesting areas. Walking is severely limiting on distance. I can’t stray very far from my car with only my feet -maybe a couple miles at best. On my bicycle I have traveled up to 20 miles away from the car just exploring the areas. It has been a lot of fun.

I want to continue exploring, but now I’m in a recon mode for a new bicycle. I can’t spend more than $30 if I can help it. If you know anyone with a good bicycle, please let me know thank you.


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