Football Fields Should be Mounded and not Flat

So many injuries come from the flat terrains. So much boredom also is a factor with predictable conditions. The issues that people argue over in the sport over and over again are very tiresome. You could play a rerun game from 5 years ago and get the same kind of excitement from people as you do for a game today. The sport needs to change.

I’m not asking for a big change in gameplay, just enough to make it interesting again. Why not create a mound at the center of the field that tapers down to the out of bounds? Maybe the highest point could be 5 feet at the most. Each field could have its own level of height. But it should be required.

Forcing players to run up and down the hill will change the game play mechanics and strategy. It will also include the type of players who are more skilled at climbing hills. The flat ground runners have a significant advantage over the ones who are more adapted to hills.

People think the flat ground was a natural progression to the sport today. Maybe they think it is the most fair way to play a sport. For soccer, it might be. Maybe people don’t like having a ball roll down the hill and having to chase. But the football is shaped very different from a soccer ball and doesn’t just roll down a hill very easily.

The image of soldiers running up and down hills has been lost. It would be very interesting to regain that feel in sport with a nice terrain change for a game like football. The only kinds of field differences we see between stadiums is whether the grass is fake or not. All I understand about that is fake grass yields more ankle injuries.

We need to make the sport more interesting as we move into the future. It is still a fairly new sport from the 1900s. It has changed a lot since the beginning days and still has a lot of room for change in the future. Do we all really see ourselves watching the same kind of game 20 years from now?

I was quickly bored of football after I got done playing it in High School. I barely watch any games. They are not very interesting to me. I just don’t understand how people get so excited about it, or many other sports.

After suffering my hip injury I spent a lot of time trying to recover from it. I learned that most of my movement on flat ground is making my hip worse. After walking around the Astoria, Oregon neighborhood hills, I learned that incline is very friendly to my hips. My legs need to be able to stretch out from time to time and really climb hills much more than the hills are offered these days.

Humans have spent a lot of time flattening everything around us. We put a lot of effort into flat trails, fields, roads, parking lots, stores and such, without really asking what the side effects will become of it all. What happened was the people who can walk on flat ground have become favored for fewer injuries and the people who are natural hill walkers suffer more side effects.

Where is the rolling landscape in sports? You see a small mound in baseball, which is reserved only for the pitcher. You might see rolling hills on some golf courses. Maybe what keeps golf interesting is the constant change of terrain. How is the player going to overcome a particular hill? But those two sports are it. I would love to see more of a rolling terrain football.

Imagine charging the hill at the center. Or imagine running a drive down a hill. The play mechanics would have to change. People would use the advantages and disadvantages of the incline or decline in unique ways. I would be more interested to see how players could overcome a hill. In the end, the head injuries could possibly become reduced too.

We learned how reckless people become on the flat ground field. But with a 5 foot high mound field, they need to be more mindful of where they are running in relation to what they need to do for a particular play. It can be a more fun experience for everyone to become a part of.


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