I’m a Little Sad to see my Bicycle Thiefs Bicycle get Stolen in Seaside, Oregon

This is bicycle #4 stolen from me.

bandicam 2014-09-09 11-09-48-299

But it just wasn’t the same kind of bicycle that they stole from me. I didn’t care about my bicycle thiefs bicycle as much as the one the thief took from me. There is a lot of activity around the Seaside library because there is a skating park, swimming center and Middle School. I see a lot of people around, especially kids yelling and screaming at each other.

It will be difficult to be less mobile from here on out. I am not able to stray from my car nearly as far as I used to when I had a bicycle. Walking long distances can be quite a pain on the flat grounds. I’m generally unable to see as much stuff around me without a bicycle.

I usually like walking a bicycle with me while going for a walk, and then turning around to ride it back to my car. The bicycle has saved me a lot of time and energy in the past.

I was a little lazy with how I secured the thiefs bicycle. I didn’t lock it and parked it next to the library. This time my car was in view of the bicycle, so I could have seen the thief taking it, but I must have been sleeping while it was taken.

I generally prefer to park my bicycle right next to my car, but then that attracts cops attention. I prefer to park my bicycle away from my car so that cops don’t come to my car and give me a hard time about camping. But then by parking my bicycle away from my car, it is put at risk to thieves. I can’t win the bike securing game.

I didn’t like the thiefs bicycle nearly as much because the seat was broken, the front tire was losing a lot of air, the gear shift kept wanting to skip, its heavy, it’s not the same as the bicycle my thief took. Had to do a little work on it. The model is called Fugitive, which can really speak well of its reputation.

I am only grateful that my car hasn’t been broken into yet. I at least can be much more protective of the stuff in my car by sleeping inside of it. The problem with cops once again is that they want to harass me for sleeping in my car. They want to encourage me to sleep away from my stuff, which increases the likelihood of it being stolen. The cops create a very rotten environment for the thieves to thrive in because they harass people like me. It’s very frustrating.

Anyway, I’m in the market for another bicycle. If anyone has one to sell, let me know.



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