Alibaba is going Public with an IPO? Are they even a company?

Oh, isn’t this nice? Another website service is making enough money to go public? I can just imagine some guy out there who only invests in websites thinking that Alibaba can’t possibly grow like Amazon or EBay. This website had a long ways to go to get their stock options.

I remember playing with the Alibaba 10 years ago and thinking about how much crap it was. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t talk to the supplier for further clarification of their goods. The people who sold things put poor descriptions and many times failed to show a pic of their product. I much preferred eBay and Amazon over Alibaba back then.

But now, the website has better interpreters and we can communicate directly with the factory in a better way. The website never died and has thrived under the radar from the common consumer for a long time. Now that the company wants to go public we can learn how successful Alibaba really has been over the years.

I want to know where Alibaba wants to go with all the extra money from the stock market. Are they just planning to use the money to improve their website? Or do they want to make a phone like Amazon? Hopefully they can be a little more transparent than other companies, especially Amazon about their intentions.

Who are Alibabas competitors? They seem to be competing in a niche market that Amazon or eBay have not picked up on enough. I never heard any news about them trying to buy Alibaba either. Did I just miss that news or were these other companies ignoring Alibaba as a competitor?

I found out about Alibaba through the. NPR Podcast: Most Emailed Stories. But, before that, I listened to Planet Money talk all about Alibaba in a show. Unfortunately, Planet Money never mentioned that Alibaba was going public with an IPO. I thought they were just spotlighting the website and talking about how interesting it was.

Does Alibaba take Bitcoin? I have to admit that I haven’t given the website much of a look lately. When I want to look for new product ideas, I go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The developers never mention that they go through Alibaba for their products. Many of them trying to raise money usually sound like they physically fly to China still and discuss business with the factory of their choosing. If they really do go through Alibaba, they should mention it.

Alibaba really sounds like a promising stock. They can be a different kind of Amazon. Do they take Paypal? There is still a lot to learn about this website, since they sell more stuff than any of the other websites combined.


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