How are Computer Repair Businesses Changing to Adapt to the Current Market?

Or are they just going out of business?

I believe the desk tops are going into the shop less and less these days. People just aren’t as excited about setting up a big clunky machine that sits on their desk all day to use. Because the internet has gone wireless, it really paved the way we, as customers, use computers towards a more mobile usage.

I remember in the late 1990s when I first started seeing laptops, how cool it would be to be able to take my computer almost anywhere. I wasn’t fond of having to sit in the same spot all the time. Whenever, I wanted different scenery while playing on the internet, it turned into a big moving experience with my desk top computer.

For example, if I wanted to set my desk top computer in another room of my house, I would have to turn everything off, unplug all the cords, take the computer piece by piece to the next room. I carried the screen by itself. Then I carried the harddrive. Then I carried the mouse and keyboard. Then I carried the speakers and any other accessories, like the WiFi connection cable. Then I carried the furniture, if I needed to as well. It was an arduous process. On top of all that I needed to rewire the Ethernet cord so that it could reach my new room. This involved wrapping the cord around doors and stuff.

Now, with wireless, if I want new scenery, I can drive to the library and sit in my car playing on the internet. Or I can go to McDonalds and use the internet. I very much enjoy the mobility of it all. I no longer feel tied to owning a house anymore. I am usually happy anywhere that the weather doesn’t kill me, as long as I can enjoy the internet.

Anyway, that is just a profile of myself as a user. Getting back to the business of computer repair, I believe many other people are enjoying the freedoms of mobility. With the advent of mobile tech emerging, the kinds of repairs for the typical computer, is drastically changing. It seems that people are being relegated to fixing screens for some money more than anything else.

A computer repair shop is either going to have to let employees go or try to become experts at repairing mobile computers. There are fewer moving parts that break now. It’s much harder to get inside a mobile device. Apple doesn’t want people repairing a broken device, so they glue everything together. It’s not easy like it used to be with using a screwdriver.

Also, the software tends to be a little more stable too. A computer repair store isn’t going to see as many software dysfunctions like it used to. I remember suffering plenty of Blue Screens of Death with Microsoft and it wasn’t any fun.

Can computer repair stores stay in business? No they can’t with doing the kind of work they have been doing in the past. They are a profession like the wagon wheel repair shops were. Or, literally every profession you can find from the Civil War era, they have all become obsolete in the face of changing technology.

People desired the change and let their dollars do the voting. They stopped buying old bulky, clunky machines that sat on their desktops and started buyiing more sleaker and smaller devices that are just as powerful as desktops of 5 years ago. These are exciting times for tech enthusiasts, but we all have to adapt to the changes in special ways.

It’s not like the computer repair businesses were around for very long in the history of humanity. I grew up watching them become powerful forces in the tech world. I heard about them making a good $50 an hour and up. I wish I could have gotten into something like that kind of business myself. But now it’s in a major decline. I am no longer jealous of their rich and lavish lifestyles. It has all changed.

I would guess that they had a good run from the early 1990s to maybe 2007 before the Housing Market Crash. They enjoyed the boom run up to 2000 until the stock market bubble burst and on through the unveiling of the new iPhone, but then they most likely sharply declined in importance as more people got their hands on the new touchscreen technology.

But I am only guessing. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “How are Computer Repair Businesses Changing to Adapt to the Current Market?

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