Civil War Recreation is Something that takes Patience

You have to abandon all the logical modern technology that we have today and really simplify your lifestyle. You need to develop completely new skill sets that doesn’t involve Social Media. Who needs social media for farming?

There were a lot more animals in the woods to hunt. There were more trees to chop down and play with. There wasn’t much of any kind of infrastructure, except for the telegraph. The railroad was also connecting people more too.

But people didn’t huddle around the telegraph or railroad for entertainment. Instead, with all the animals around the humans, they could find a lot of amazing entertainment in the animal world. Isn’t it amazing how we love to watch other animals running around on TV today, yet the Civil War pioneers didn’t need the TV to watch animals?

There were buffalo herds running through, or fish jumping all over the place. Mighty birds controlled the air space. Insects and lizards crawled and flew everywhere. There were all kinds of amazing things to encounter. But in polluted cities these creatures barely stand a chance. People are left to deal with more vermin in the cities.

Marketers and advertisers schemed how to get people to come together more. Isn’t Social Media just one international marketing effort anyway. They want us to coordinate our every move towards the products they want to sell. In pioneer days, our ancestors rarely encountered a salesperson, let alone, having to deal with a marketing campaign.

People bought basic stuff they needed to do more efficient work with. There were no brand names for things. In fact much of what was made was custom-built.


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