How do You Get Good at Puzzles?

I’m terrible with puzzles. I’m not writing about how to get better at them because I am not good with them myself. There are so many kinds out there that require a lot of patience and thinking. Some people seem to have that thinking ability to work through a puzzle, but most people do not.

I think that to be good at a puzzle takes a lot of practice. At least for me it might take practice. But some people seem not to need any training and just have a natural gift to solve a puzzle without much previous training. Is puzzle solving then best left to those types of people who are just naturally good at it.

Perhaps the people who are good at puzzle solving can help explain why they are good at it. Can this be taught. I notice that every time I try to learn the details of a puzzle, my mind clenches up and I start getting easily confused about what the situation is involved. It has happened for me all my life. I usually make the wrong guess on a puzzle because I can’t quite catch a particular pattern that is being communicated.

The people who can solve puzzles effectively are the ones who make the money in this country. Everyone else is stuck just trying to get by in life. What employers always need are the people who can find solutions to problems in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, my ability to find solutions is not very efficient. It makes me feel very worthless to society.

I noticed my lack of puzzle solving ability in school. Something just didn’t click for me when I came across those kind of math problems that are told like a story. You can say that I am bad at math. I think there is a strong correlation between people who are good at math and also good at solving puzzles.

The same skill sets apply with thinking about things in an orderly fashion. With math, there are rules you need to follow properly. You just have to know the rules, or you will make common mistakes. Each puzzle will have rules that you just need to know as well. If you already know the rules in thinking through logical challenges, then your approach to solving puzzles may work in progression.

Since I’m a slower thinker, I can get easily caught on a part of the puzzle that I shouldn’t spend much time thinking about. Then, after spending too much time on the wrong way of reading the problem, I may get frustrated and not spend enough time on the most important aspect of the puzzle that needs to have the most focus.

There are many kinds of puzzles to read on the Internet that other people have taken the time to write for us. Do they want to torture us with their puzzles? Or is this their way of trying to teach us puzzle solving skills by making their own puzzles? It is probably best to learn about puzzles by spending more time to solve various puzzles.

I have spent very little time trying to solve puzzles, because I find them frustrating. Maybe I do need to face my frustrations a little more head on to improve my puzzle solving skills. By ignoring my deficiency doesn’t mean that it will go away.


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