Difference Between Google Tours and Bing Tours

I used Photosynth for Bing to take inside pics of major businesses. It was pretty easy to use and I only got paid $7 for each business. With Google, they want to charge over $800 to take their professional pictures of the insides of businesses.

We have to consider the important difference between Bing and Google. One is much more popular to use than the other. I can see how important it must feel for these “certified photographers” to take advantage of the business with their super high prices.

One business that is really exploiting this emerging marketing approach is yoyonano.com Check out their prices. It is ridiculous. I just can’t see the value in what they are doing. At least we can applaud them for trying.

I have to ask the question of why wouldn’t a nice video tour be just as helpful? With Youtube, you can scroll to anwhere in the video and see what you want to. It’s almost as easy to scroll through a video tour as it is to pan and zoom through a virtual tour. I think the virtual tour may not be necessary because the videos are easy to make.

What if you want to give updates on the look of your store weekly? A video tour is just the thing you want to use. Plus, you can talk through the tour on video to help inform people as well.


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