Does Dog Taste Better than Elk?

Although I have never eaten either one, I find the comments interesting from the Lewis & Clark notes. These notes were scribbled while they were around the Astoria, Oregon regions.

If you look at the history of the relationships between dog and man you can see a very different progression in attitude towards the dog. At first, for thousands of years and up until the 1800s, the dog was treated like food, protection, and even for hair. Some dogs were used to hunt other animals. But the dog had a much different culture to interact with in the past.

Today, in America, the dog is treated like its almost a human being. People will dress them up, or breed them into freakish entities that never could survive very long on its own. People stopped eating dogs at some point, but its hard to say where the greater pull to stop eating them came from.

It wasn’t a matter that dogs stopped tasting good to humans. There are plenty of accounts where people will talk about how good it tastes. In fact, China will not give up eating dogs because they enjoy its good taste. Are the Chinese more practical in their culture than Americans. In many ways such as eating dog, I say yes.

So people stopped breeding dogs for meat and started breeding for appearance as part of a new status symbol throughout the 1900s. I made a video that scans a series of pictures to show the progression of breeding and the author also notes the side effects of such breeding. Many dogs suffer from genetic defects now because of the unhealthy breeding patterns.


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