Here’s How to Save Money Cleaning Teeth

Here’s how to save money cleaning teeth < Acumagnet > 08/21 14:01

In this video, I use paper towels to wipe down my teeth. I no longer have to buy another toothbrush again. They are easy to dispose of too. I bet our pioneer ancestors used to use cloth or horse hair to do the same thing. Toothbrushes are not necessary.

brushes can be found in other people’s trash. § < > 08/21 14:06

I get free toothbrush and toothpaste from the < > 08/21 14:36

church so I wouldn’t save anything. They also supply soap and toilet paper.

It is not frugal < YluvsG > 08/21 14:50
to get from church, it is mooching.

our ancestors < used-sticks > 08/21 17:36

chew stick

When exhumed their teeth are fine § < -l > 08/21 17:45

Because they did not use toothpaste. § < > 08/21 20:39

they did not eat processed sugar and crap § < compostpooper > 08/21 21:14

They died by age 45. § < ScrapIron > 08/21 22:00

Lucky weren’t they § < compostpooper > 08/22 00:17

what a stupid idea, not using a toothbrush b/c < Bubbleface > 08/21 17:48

you think it’s too expensive. What more do I need to add to that?


What are you doing to massage your gums? < skinnydog > 08/21 18:41

You need to floss to stimulate circulation in your gums or you will lose your teeth.

you can do that with your fingers § < > 08/21 19:03

do you reuse the paper towels? < pc5 > 08/21 20:28

they aren’t free.


Crazy. Saving $1 on a toothbrush vs. dental fix? < ScrapIron > 08/21 21:59

You must be running a parody post. You are lapsing into nutcase troll territory…..yet, you will have friends here.

Saving $1 on a toothbrush? How long does a paper towel last? Or are you using free fast food napkins? THIS IS INSANE!!!!

You will lose the $1 saved every 6 months on a toothbrush ($2 per year) MANY times over if you start brushing your teeth with a Bounty towel and then need a dental visit. Even just one dental visit.


Gross video < > 08/22 06:58

of a man with a big zit opening his mouth and shoving paper towels inside. Do you really think a video was necessary? Are other people too stupid to understand the concept without a vid?

$2 toothbrush saves $2000 root canal § < -very-unfrugal- > 08/22 07:29

living in car is affecting accumagnets judgement § < > 08/22 07:31

get them free from your dentist < bynight > 08/22 07:51

but then you have to go to the dentist…




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