The Black People Have an Incredible Advantage in Ferguson, MO

Take a look at the weather. White people tend to overheat and make bad decisions when it is hot out. They don’t function at their ideal performance with the sun bearing as they are sticky from sweat. Turn around and look at the black people in this heat. They are invigorated by it. The heat doesn’t slow them down, instead it picks up their morale.

You can see two clear reactions to the heat of August being played out right now. You need to recognize that this issue is very much a racial issue because one race handles the heat with much more resilience than the other. There is a reason why white people skin went pale over generations. They (we) adapted to low sunlight and colder weather and learned to thrive.

I believe that this officer generally makes good decisions. But you have to look at all the factors beyond just the interaction he had with the black kid. You have to see that they all were being influenced by extensive heat. They were not struggling inside an air conditioned building.

Ferguson, MO is not a place for people who tend to overheat and get sunburns. The officer looked very pale. What if he was dehydrated at the time of the struggle? White people tend to dehydrate and possibly die easier than black people. The state of your mind will change under the influence of extreme heat.

This heat won’t be around forever. But the warnings are out until Sunday that the heat will be at dangerous levels. You can expect a lot of excitable and possibly irritable behavior on account of this heat. I don’t know if any newscasters want to talk about the heat, but you cannot ignore that it is a factor.

Look at the New York Wall Street protestors. They stopped protesting when winter came. The cold broke up their routine of trying to get media attention. Instead the cold weather sent them running for warm shelters. And for the ones with stronger willpower, the snow piles put a damper on their ambition.

No black people have ever rioted in a cold climate that I heard. There is a certain distinction in climate with how we decide to protest. It is always more convenient to hold protests in warmer weather.




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