Why is Craigslist Blocking Mobile Technology?

I noticed that the only way to get onto the Discussion Forum is by using the incognito option. For some reason Craig decided to block all the mobile tech access. You can only access their website through Windows screens.

I asked about it in the Computer Forum and they said there was a big discussion about it in the help forum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a link to this discussion nor could find it. Maybe the discussion actually exists, maybe it doesn’t. But the fact remains that my iPad is being blocked by Craigslist.

I don’t see any good reason why Craig is blocking mobile. Unless, if Craig is trying to preserve the history and experience of his website. He was one of the first creators to make a website when the Internet began. His style of content has remained the same since the inception, 25 years ago. But now, mobile tech is making a huge impact.

As every website is trying to change to meet the demand of mobile tech, Craigslist decided to go the opposite way and exclude the new emerging tech. They are probably interested in only preserving their niche on the Internet. They don’t want to give into the demands of the touch screen interaction. They want to make it clear that their experience will have a historical reference now more than ever. If you want to know what the Internet was like in 1995, play around with Craigslist in 2014. That was it.

Its a very bold move on their part. To dig their heels into their niche maybe hold a sense of stability as the Internet is constantly undergoing unforseeable changes. Craig must be happy with his customer base and profits. He always seemed to be with his low overhead. In the end, he can say that he never gave into the demands of the changing Internet. He did things his way and he can phase out knowing that.

For a time he commanded millions of page views. Has he reached his peak? I don’t know the numbers for that. I think his page views are probably in decline. But I am only speculating. There are still young people who will use Craigslist from time to time. I just read someone who claimed to be 15 years old asking a question about their weight problem. So, it’s not like Craig isn’t gaining new users or anything. Its hard to say what is going on with such secretive people.


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