Things That Don’t Belong in Your Anus.

You only get one colon in your life and it’s best to take good care of it. As much as the pornography business wants to encourage you to destroy it with various objects, you must realize that the choices that porn stars make should not be repeated. They chose to use their butts to make money and most know that they probably won’t be functioning like normal people when they get older.

The porn stars have a lifespan of sports stars. their bodies can only hold up to the rigors of their lifestyles for so long before they need to make way for the next group of fools.Not everybody can or should do what they do regularly. It takes a certain amount of vigor and resilience to get through many of their sessions. Also they have to risk spreading disease to entertain people. How many professions do you know that cause people to risk catching a disease? Nursing is the only one I can think of right now.

Our bodies developed genetically to adapt to the environment. We were given two kidneys because sometimes one can fail, but we still have a backup. Why didn’t we only develop one lung? Because there are a lot of lung diseases to catch and by developing a disease, there is the chance that the disease only damages one with the other to spare. By having 2 kidneys and 2 lungs we are supporting the environmental risks of water and air with a greater caution.

However,there are some organs where we only have a single replication of because the risk of permanent injury to it used to be minimal. Unfortunately, times have changed and so have also the risks we place on our bodies. Heart disease is up. Colon cancer is increasing. We are putting our most vulnerable organs in more peril now than ever.

In turn, we are consuming more clean foods and safer water, so that the kidneys and lungs tend not to get taxed as much. Although, living in large metropolises increase our risks for those organ diseases.

It used to be that people encouraged the practice of safe sex, which involved being clean and using condoms. Or, you don’t even need have sex at all. But, there is a growing group of people who practice sex in very dirty and unclean ways. They will put things inside a dirty anus and then set the object somewhere that could be touched by children. Fecal matter has a higher chance of being spread by people who engage in butt sex than any other kind of sex group.

The porn industry goes to extreme ends to make anal sex look like a clean activity. They perform a lot of prep work, because they want to give the best performance they can. But the average people do not perform clean prep work and place themselves at more risk than the professionals. Just look at all the drunken anal sex that occurs. These people may have already soiled themselves and are unaware of their personal hygiene at the time. Then they spread their disease in a careless fashion.

I would like to be one of the few people left on this planet, who speak English, to say that the butt is not meant to accept strange objects like toys, broom handles, balloons, phalluses or kinds, or whatever. The anus is not meant to be stretched to such extreme ways that a hand can easily pass through the sphincter area. The ass should not be vigorously thrust upon either.You only get one, and the messy “sexual” acts lead to an even messier old age. You need to build a stronger conviction to not participate in these behaviors.

Gay people can still be gay by not exchanging fecal matter with each other. There still are other things they can do, like wear dresses still. Or anyone who has a desire to thrust a remote control up their ass need to stop and think about the repurcussions afterward. You only get one ass. The remote will be covered in fecal matter and could make someone very sick. You need to think about maintaining better hygiene.

We take for granted that we live in one of the cleanest cultures ever right now. But disease is constantly evolving and can very easily find its way around many standards and practices. So, the next time you take a poop, think about how important it is to control where your fecal matter goes and not spread it around because are doing it in pornography.


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