Run the Hammond Fishermans Rush in Oregon

The activity is amazing at 4:30am. It’s still plenty dark, but hundreds of people are awake and rushing their boats out to the Columbia River. I’m at the library at that time and can see the convoy passing by. It’s after 6:30am and the traffic no where near where it was 2 hours ago. The fishermen are working hard to get an early start.

I walked to the dock where they drive to and can see a long line of people waiting to get their boats in the river. This must be a popular fishing spot at this time of year. I never seen such a line to wait and dock the fishing.

The campers who sleep at the dock get an even earlier start to their day. They pay about $28 per night to sleep at the campground.There are hundreds of campers too. For such a small village, it gets a lot of activity. It’s not like the sleepy village of Naselle, WA or anywhere else. People really love to interact and eat the fish.

There is a nice fish cleaning station at the dock. From some of the fish scraps I see, they look to be at least a foot long on average. I can see why people would prefer to clean and dress the fish at the dock rather than carry them home.

i find it humorous how people in Wisconsin accept such small fish , less than 6 inches and eat them. Filleting those small fish can take a long time to get much meat from. It’s like filleting little baby fish compared to the fish that are caught around the mouth of the Columbia River.

Parking is $5 per day. I never noticed any other docks being as popular as this one. Maybe, it’s the design of the city that brings me more intimately close to the fishing activities. I’m sure Ilwaco is just as popular. They can reach the northern part of the Columbia River. Or even Astoria enters right into the Columbia.

I see a lot of large shipping boats pass right by the fishers. The shipping ons dwarf the fisherman boats. I wonder if there are many accidents in the area. I see warning signs about boat safety and how to interact with each other at the docks.


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