The Video Challenges are too Stupid and Need to Stop.

How would you like to explain to your friends that you got someone killed for a reckless challenge. People have gotten seriously injured or killed from these things. Its bad enough that people are doing dumb things without being challenged on YouTube.

Now I see Mark Zuckerberg dumping water on his head and calling it a challenge. He has so much money that he can afford a waterfall for a shower. A water bucket is nothing to him. Its cold? Well, on a hot day, that cold simply negates the cold. He has done nothing inspiring. In fact, he may have even encouraged people to be more risky on video, because he is showing that he’s paying attention. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If someone ever challenged me to something dumb, I would make it clear that I’m not doing it. I will decline the challenge. Maybe, I will even argue why these challenges are destructive to our culture. It really demonstrates a subservience we have to people we don’t know.

Can the completion of a dangerous and foolish challenge look good on a resume? It might depend on what you are applying for. When a supervisor asks someone to jump, they might want someone who jump until the supervisor tells them to stop. That is wreck less loyalty.

When I was in the Army for 3 months, I went through a mock Boot Camp. A sergeant told the private to clean the toilets now. Since the private didn’t have any cleaning tools around him, he started to reach his hand into the toilet. I thought he was really going to clean the toilet with his bare hands. But right before he touched the toilet, the Sergeant stopped him and said to not use his bare hands.

I know the military teaches us to do the task and ask questions later. But that doesn’t make it right. We still need to dig deep inside our minds and imagine what could happen, first. Will this action kill me? Does it make any sense? How will people react?

I think people will respect you just as much for turning a challenge as they do for completing it. Mark Zuckerberg was respected for turning down $1 million for a program he made that played music on the computer. Instead, he made it free to use. The guy who turned down $1 million, turned around and made over $1 billion instead with his new idea.

I’m really surprised he performed this challenge. He probably turned down a lot of other challenges in the past. Either way, getting suckered into this one shows that even he is not immune to doing something stupid for the Internet. I ask you all to dip deep inside and imagine the outcome of doing something like this. What do you think of your hero Zuckerberg now after his stunt?


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