Why Not Enjoy the Hops Without the Alcohol Added? Commercial Distributors Prevent it.

Here’s an amazing concept for alcoholics: If you want to relax yourself, hops is a powerful sedative. It also gives that excellent bitter taste that makes beer taste a little better. I recently found some fresh hops in Astoria, OR and absolutely love it. My mouth is numb, I’m relaxed and the bitter taste really satisfies.

I had previous experience with hops almost 10 years ago when I played around with trying to grow it myself. I remember it tasting very similar. I read about how there are all kinds of different hops, but I can never tell the difference between strains. I can tell more of a difference between age and care than anything. The freshest always taste the bestest.

You can’t beat a fresh tasting hops. There is nothing like it. My throat has been making a lot of noise for 5 years, but the hops can quiet down the swallowing noises a little bit. There is something in the bitter, numbing taste that affects my health.

If I drank alcohol with the hops, such as a beer, I would worsen my throat condition. My throat has been very sensitive to alcohol ever since I destroyed it over 5 years ago. I was playing around with the idea of fermenting my own yogurt but too much wild yeast kept getting in the batches and they were no good. But I insisted on drinking them foolishly, thinking it was healthy, but it turns out I damaged my throat permanently. It was an unfortunate decision that has cost me.

But, I started harboring ideas that the hops is what makes the beer taste good before fermenting experiments began. I have always loved hops, but they are not widely available. I think the beer distributors fought against allowing hops to freely be sold. There is more profit to be enjoyed with beer brewing than solely growing hops for regular customers.

People want to make a big deal with marijuana, but hops is also it’s sexy cousin. They can be grafted on one another. I would prefer hops because weed is too much of a foolish legal hassle. Just like the person who allowed their hops to freely overgrow in their yard, if they did the same thing with weed, they would get in big trouble. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs in this country. Thank you.


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