Which House is More Popular with Fans: Goonies or Twilight?

I will first have to admit that I was unable to find the Twilight House. Although, I got very familiar with the rest of the town and other popular locations. I did notice a lot of fans in the small town. Plus, many stores were selling Twilight-related merchandise, which was neat. Twilight stuff is very popular in Forks, WA.

In Astoria, there is the Goonies House. This is a house where the actual filming took place. I walked aroundto get familiar with the Goony environment. The houses around the area look very nice too, as well as the Goonies house. When I was there, I was surprised by the number of fans walking to and from the house. There were around 10.

Some of the advantages that Twilight has are the books as well as the movies. Also, there are longer scores of music dedicated to the movie as well. The special effects are more computerized and story is a little more intense and romantic. Twilight has been around with the culture and has built up a following over time.

Some of the advantages with the Goonies movie was that it has appeal across more generations for a longer period of time. It was a great little story and they did a good job with the kind of special effects they were capable of doing at the time. People can relate to the house a little bit because many scenes were shown inside the house to make us familiar with it.

Some more advantages that Goonies House has are the other attractions to the city, like the museum, trolley, Flavel House, other movies that were made there as well as the famous people who have been there before. It is a larger city with more things to do besides look at the Goonies house.

Some disadvantages of the Twilight house are that no scenes were actually recorded in the city. Forks, WA is a long distance away to see. The series is relatively new and many little girls are not able to drive themselves to see the scenery of Forks.

Some disadvantageous of Goonies is that it is only one movie. There were no books written for it. The musical score is relatively short and lacking in inspiration. The owners of the house are not politically friendly with their Israel flags.

When I was in Forks, WA, it felt magial. The area is a temperate Rain Forest and looked beautiful. I found the hospital that they referred to, the store that Bella worked at, and truck replicas. I used my imagination to think what it must have been like for vampires to actually live in the area. I was feeling a little star struck at the time.

When I was in Astoria, I didn’t feel the same imagination or being star struck. The whole city is very bustling and all that activity takes the imagination out of me and I just watch other people watching me. I guess you could say that I preferred the more otherworldly appeal of the Twilight Forks city than I did the overcommercialized Astoria. But that’s just me.

Which city is really getting more fans that are attracted to the movie scenes? In Forks, I read on Wikipedia, they get 70,000 people per year paying a visit. Whereas, I don’t have any numbers for Goonies.

Part of the other kind of draw to Forks, WA is the whole spirituality thing. A person could almost start a large vampire cult if they wanted to. My emotional appeal for twilight is different than it is for Goonies. You could almost call them Goofies because that is what the movie appealed to us as.


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