People Talk About Dieting, But Never About Their Food Budget

After being forced into living solely on my $189 per month Food Stamps diet, I learned that the government knows best how much we should be spending on food. I just barely squeak by in keeping to the budget now, and I shouldn’t need to eat any more.

I used to spend twice the amount and that cut directly into my Emergency Fund. Now, my Savings is too low to support overeating. I am being priced into diet austerity. This was something I never considered doing before. Overeating was about the only other joy and vice I had left with being poor. But I seriously abused my bad behavior too much.

I needed money to guide my eating. I had no other incentive. I felt like I was eating the right stuff for the most part, but now I just have to eat less of the good stuff. It’s much easier to practice reduced eating in the Summer, but when Winter comes, it will be a struggle because I have to keep warm and that costs extra energy. I’m not sure how I can make it through the winter at $189 per month. It’s already a struggle in the summer.

I thank the EBT for giving me a good food budget guide to work with. Every should focus more on how much money they spend on food than they do on how much they eat. Money gets the most attention. Money is what gives access to food.

I look at EBT like its a separate bank account for my food. If you don’t qualify for the $189 Food Stamps, then you will need to create a separate account instead and only allow it a maximum of $189 per month for food as well, each month. It can work really well if you role-play the need to reduce spending for food.

If you need help controlling your spending on food please contact me. I would love to help you directly.


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