Astoria, WA; Watched a Huge Freight Ship Pass By.

Astoria Ethnography near the shore

There is a train ferry that runs up and down the coast. It looks to be at full capacity each time it passes. Its a Monday too. A lot of people can fit on the trolley. It think it can average 40 patrons.

A freight ship passed by loaded with Hanjin and Cosco boxes. The ship was called Hanjin. It is the size of 2 football fields. I don’t think it will stop until it reaches the Portland port. It travelled across the Pacific Ocean. It passes by Astoria in clear view, just like every other ship but it dwarfs all other ships in size. It probably moves at 10 MPH.

I can only imagine what products they bring into the states. China makes all kinds of new products for the US. It will take special equipment and tools to handle the boxes.

Since the sailors are most likely Chinese, there will probably be a language barrier at the docks. The Chinese may have their own system of handling the boxes, whereas the Americans also do things in their own way. I’m sure the Chinese are in a hurry to return home and want to unload quickly and fuel up for their trip back across the Pacific. It probably takes more than a week to travel across the Pacific Ocean.

I think the Chinese bring back empty boxes to China. I don’t think it would be practical to fill up with raw materials. There are probably better ways to transport raw materials. But I could be underestimating the box system.


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