Astoria Has a lot of Rustic, Compact Buildings Tightly Built Together

Just walking around in the early morning of this city, I can see that any overnight parking looks to be almost impossible. This area may have only 10,000 people, but its store space is all filled up. There are a lot of boutique, small stores and very little empty space. I think they get a lot of business here.

If you look at the downtown of Ilwaco, WA, you will see a lot of empty business spaces. The downtown area looks virtually shut down. There is probably good reason why it doesn’t get as much business as Astoria. The state of Oregon is tax-free and that probably attracts a lot of shoppers. Astoria is the first city that people in Washington cross into on the west coast.

There are a lot of museum quality buildings here. The city also is built into a hill. I don’t feel very safe riding my bicycle because of the hill and also because of the challenging traffic.

I just tried the library Internet in Astoria and it doesn’t work at all. Maybe the free Internet is mostly a Washington thing. I won’t be able to find out further because the Astoria Library is closed on Monday too. I am using the McDonalds Internet instead. I’m not able to upload YouTube videos, but Vine works, so maybe I will just make Vine videos.


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