Younow Fame is Taking Interaction to a Different Level

If you spend time watching the popular people who have hundreds of watchers and compare them to the people who have less than 50, you can see a big difference between interaction with the chat room.

The people with very few chatters will try to engage with everyone who writes something. I have written in the chat to the unpopular people and asked them to tell a story, or tell a joke, and they read what I wrote, many of them don’t really have a story or joke to tell and they move on reading the comments after mine.

I think if you want to be successful with Younow, you need to have interesting things to say. Many people keep asking for more likes and say they will twerk or something if a goal is reached, but that doesn’t provide any good content while they are live. They simply start up their channel and then beg for likes, which doesn’t seem to get them many likes.

But it must also be difficult when you want to broadcast to more people, and you don’t want to waste all your entertainment efforts on only a few people. It’s like to get the fame you need to work the few people who do come to watch you. For some people the fame may come easier, they just strike a certain resonance with their followers that other people can’t. But, in turn, no one can get everyone to like them anyway.

You will see when a person gets really popular, they start getting more comments than they can possibly respond to. At that point they have to look inside themselves and find their own entertainment. They have to keep themselves interesting and be as concerned about the commenters. They just keep the ball rolling by themselves. The excitement is different having hundreds of people watching you live now.

Commenters will say different things to more popular Younow Livecasters, than they do ones that are not as popular. Because the chat room is so small, the comments can disappear within seconds when there are over 500 commenters. Even though the Younow team put a “time out” tool that lasts about 60 seconds, the comments still blaze by. People are reduced to pronouncing their love for the star of the cast many times and end up waiting for the timer to tick down until they can say something again.

I can imagine some Younow casters ending their cast abruptly when someone they like comes online to cast. You see such a huge divide between watchers. There are people with hundreds of watchers and other people with only 2 or 3.


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