Frugal Hobo: Sand is a Great Way to Clean Yourself With.

I didn’t realize how revitalizing sand was until I did a sand or dust bath. It feels awesome to be able to pour it in my hair. I normally have greasy hair, plus it’s difficult for me to clean myself as a homeless person with water. So, sand really makes for a great fit for my lifestyle.

(This gets disgusting) Usually, when I scratch my head, I will scratch out a white funky grease. I think a lot of dead skin and sweat builds up in my hair. It’s all very greasy and easily gets underneath my nails. However, when I apply sand into my hair, I scratch out the sand which has picked up the grease instead. It feels better to scratch sand out of my hair than the grease. One application of sand to my hair can last for a few days, without washing.

Most people probably don’t want to bother with sand because it can clog up plumbing pipes and cause a mess in the home. That is part of the problem with our dependence on modern living. Most people now consider sand to be a nuisance, especially indoors. But I spend most of my time outdoors, so the sand is less of an issue for me.

Recently, I worked on an old greasy bicycle chain and got oil all over my hands. It felt awful. Luckily, I had a bag of beach sand in my car and used that to clean my hands. It worked wonderfully. The grease easily came off my hands several times, because I had to work on the chain at a few different times to get it working right.

Today, I ate some greasy chicken. The chicken fat got all over my hands again. Luckily, I had my bag of beach sand. I took a few pinches and applied the sand to my hands, rubbed it around a bit and the majority of the grease came right off. I didn’t need water or soap to clean my hands either. Those 2 things are a luxury for me anyway.

I haven’t looked much further into other healthy ways to use sand, but I will say that some birds regularly consume sand because it aids them in digesting food. I wonder what benefits that sand could provide for humans. If it does such a great job with grease on the skin, what if you mixed a little sand in with a fatty meal?

If you think about it, we don’t need to chew fat anyway. So, the sand won’t be hard on our teeth. You simply swallow the fatty substance. A little sand mixed on could serve as a grinding agent while processing the fatty food. Perhaps you could take a shot of sand after a greasy chicken meal to prevent it from being so sticky in the gut. There are a lot of possibilities here.


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