Twerk Strap will be Bigger than the Hula Hoop

If you know about the history of the Hula Hoop, you will see how people quickly found it to be very fun to use. They got great exercise from the toys. Many people lost fat and got fit by playing with the Hula Hoop.

Ever since Hula Hoops got popular, they haven’t lost much popularity either. In fact, if anything, the Hula Hoop may have experienced a resurgence in popularity today. More people are bringing the play-time back. There are even fitness classes that primarily involve the Hula Hoop.

Unfortunately, the Hula Hoop is an incomplete workout device. Many people worked their hips and waists strongly, but the rest of their bodies were still not getting the exercise it needs to make a difference.

Video @here

If you look a the benefits of squatting, you will see this exercise is vital for our health. It is one of the most basic exercises that people need to do to achieve maximum blood flow. It is the only exercise that can make my heart pound hard and bring me to absolute exhaustion in a short period of time.

The Hula Hoop cannot support squatting. As soon as you try to squat while using a Hula Hoop, you will lose momentum and the toy falls to the ground. So, the Hula Hoop only targets some of the necessary muscles we need to work. I’m not suggesting that you need to eliminate the Hula Hoop from your fitness routine, but that it is not the only way to exercise.

Twerking has become very popular to perform and watch for everybody. Many people find that the exercise helps build up their endurance and strength. Unfortunately, the Twerk exercise by itself is just treated as a dance, when it can become more of an exercise.

Allow me to bring in the concept of the Twerk Strap. It is highly portable, and you can perform the exercise anywhere. By doing the same twerk movements, you get the added benefits of exercise with resistance. Do a routine as soon as you wake up in the morning, the blood flow will feel very refreshing. It feels better than going out for a run, and can feel just as good as a trampoline or Hula Hoop.

Give the Twerk Strap a try. I think everyone will like it just easily as the Hula Hoop was accepted by you moms and and dads, grandpas and grandmas. Thank you.


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