I was Sickened by Recreational Marijuana in Washington

I encountered a weed enthusiast who showed me what he had. It smelled very strong. I found him interesting and we talked for like 5 hours in front of the Ilwaco library one day as people were coming and leaving. At one point he just offered a nugget of his weed and I accepted it.

I remember how weed was when I tried it in the past. I have eaten it a little bit back when I was in Wisconsin and I had experienced more problems with the weed being laced with another drug. But I never expected it to be covered in shit before.

There was a recent news story that reported how the recreational marijuana is not cleaned and some is literally covered in shit. I didn’t read the article until after I got sick from the weed I ate. It was very disappointing to read.


They talk about the poor regulations of marijuana among the dealers.

I don’t trust the marijuana extracts that they put in food though. I’m not looking to consume extracts of this plant. I want to be able to make a marijuana tea and clearly, it is not handled safely enough for tea.

I experienced a terrible headache for 2 days so far and also chills on the second day. I didn’t even feel high when I ate it. I am suffering more of the sickness instead, which is more intense and a stronger reminder of how bad the marijuana is.


Later, I notice my liver hurting a little bit. I was wondering when and if my liver was going to hurt after suffering so much. The liver pain didn’t start until after I ate breakfast. It lasted a short while and went away. I beleive my liver is taxed and the meal set off a little pain because it is damaged. It may be weaker than a normal liver.


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