Uploading to Youtube is Blocked Today. How long is that going to last?

I tried to upload a video today about 5 times and it got blocked. I guess either the system is shut down or I’m getting personally blocked, it’s hard to tell.I made a video talking about marijuana yesterday after talking to a 60 year old man yesterday who smokes it.

I wanted to make a little vlog about my conversation with him, some of which involved marijuana. I wonder if Youtube placed a block on my account for the marijuana references.It’s hard to tell because they don’t say anything. 

Usually, I would expect the Monetization to be blocked, but to shut down future uploads seems like a big move on their part. I can only guess what they are doing. Either they are having uploading issues or I’m being blocked for some kind of content violation.

I looked for topics about marijuana, and see there are plenty of videos related to weed. They will show people smoking it and doing things with it. Some weed videos are quite old, that go back to 2010. I would think they could have gotten removed already.

All my content is my own, so I’m not violating any copyright issues. It’s all very perplexing.


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