How Do Grocery Stores Determine What Fruits to Sell? 4 Ways?

Mind you, this is in order of importance. Notice that taste is at the bottom of the list:

1. How long it will keep?

2. Size: Is it a single serving size?

3. How is its presentation? Color

4. Taste

I am amazed how dependent we have gotten on the grocery stores. These stores are where all the food is brought together to collect any diseases in a small area. You can make comparisons between grocery stores and hospitals in that many people risk contracting a disease from inside either of the buildings.

Statisticians talk about getting sick inside hospitals. They also announce food recalls as well from grocery stores. Food and health are important to keep clean, yet the best way to serve both now seems to be in enclosed buildings that can potentially harbor harmful pathogens.

Remember when farmers would deliver their food to you, or doctors would come to your house? Oh that’s right, none of us have lived during that time period. it is only something we read about in history books. 

People are suffering from nutrional deficiencies more than ever, and if you don’t believe me, then take another look at the list above. In turn, the hospitals not only have us dependent on them, but the chances we accept their drug prescriptions goes up when we go to the hospital. It’s much easier to have someone hooked on your service when they come to your establishment.


I got this little list from the artist who created, “The tree of 40 fruits’. It’s a fascinating approach to grafting plants: 


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