How Does a Homeless Person get Permanent Address?

I am homeless and am having a very hard time finding help with permanent addresses. It’s nearly impossible to set something up. Part of my problem is my own stubbornness. But I have to have some standards, even while being homeless.

Back when I was in Aberdeen, I wanted to try and set up a permanent address to start a bank acount. The tellers told me that because of 9/11 I needed to prove I had some kind of residence. Apparently, no permanent address is a clue as to your terrorist status. I went to the local homeless shelter after getting advised to try them. But when I asked the Director if I can accept mail at their place, I was denied. 

He said that since I never slept at their homeless shelter, I cannot use it for an address. He said that I had to sleep in the shelter at least one night to then be able to be approved by him for recieving mail. I didn’t do it. Aberdeen is a wretched place and the homeless are in really bad shape. One young homeless guy described the homeless shelter as like an old folks home. 

I watched people coming into and out of the homeless shelter. I wasn’t too happy by what I saw. I didn’t trust any of them. I felt better about sleeping in my car where it can be protected at night. So, as a result, I couldn’t get a bank account. But, am I at a complete loss here?

I hear that I can use a friends address. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends in this area. So that is not an option. I believe that most people would take a friend’s route. I wish I could do that sometimes.

Now, I have to ask if maybe another Homeless Shelter could be a little better and more forgiving. There is another Homeless Shelter in Astoria, Oregon that I could maybe try. I saw a picture of it and there was a broken window on the second floor. I am a little troubled by such an obvious maintenance problem already from the sight of the picture. it looked like they tried to repair it with grey tape, which started to peel a little bit. 

I would really like to have the freedom to set up a local bank account if I can. With my situation, it’s best to try a Homeless Shelter address and hope the director is feeling generous. But, at this time I still have to look into everything, so I will know more later when I figure it out. thank you.


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