I Had 3 Bicycles Stolen From Me So Far Now

The most recent theft happened today, a few hours ago. It was a strange turn of events. The previous night a lady called the Sheriff Department (because there are no city police in Ocean Park) and reported that I am acting suspicious in the library parking lot. After getting harrassed late at night, I decided to move to another part of the parking lot. Because I moved, my bicycle, parked at the bicycle rack, was no longer in my view while sitting in my car.

Some stranger jumped at the chance to steal my bicycle, knowing how there will be virtually no witnesses. My bicycle was probably stolen between 9 am and 10:30am.

Somebody called the Sheriff on me again during the day time. So they came into the library parking and looked at my car. I wasn’t in the car and couldn’t see what all was going on. I decided to read a very large book at a nearby picnic table on the other side of the building. I saw the Sheriff vehicle pull into the parking lot and go in the direction of my car. I knew he was there for me again.

As he was looking at my car, I realized that my bicycle was no longer parked where I last left it. I started to get upset about that thought of losing another one. Then, I looked off to my right to see someone else’s mountain bike sitting about 15 feet away. I brought the bike over to the picnic table and that is when the Sheriff approached me.

He said that he saw a female riding the bicycle that I found just a few minutes ago. She must have quickly ditched her own bicycle and grabbed mine instead. I left my bicycle unlocked so it was very easy to take, especially without me looking.

I have to wonder by how many minutes I missed her by when she decided to dump her own bike in favor of mine. I’m sort of glad I didn’t have to have that encounter of catching her taking my bicycle. I would have gotten immediately upset with her instinctually. Instead I’m just frustrated and confused.

I took her bicycle now. I guess we made some kind of devious trade between each other. Her bike is more inferior, but it’s still usable and better than walking. I have to wonder if she will try and come back for her bike. I think I should probably leave this place by the evening to avoid confrontation. I really don’t want my car battered in. If she was brazen enough to take my bike in broad daylight, who knows what else she is capable of doing.

The Sheriff said that he will let me know if he finds it. I showed him several videos of me riding my bicycle. I am not too hopeful to get it back. This has been a terrible series of events.


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