Homeless Guy Tries to Make a Deal with a Used Book Salesman

I dropped off a couple super thick college year books from Pullman, WSU. I had the books up for over a week on Amazon and no takers, so pulled the listing and decided to give them away. I dropped them off at the book dealer in Ocean Park. Later, as I was walking by, I saw that she was open and decided to see what she thought about my generous offer.

Me: what do you think about selling college year books?
Her: they don’t sell very well, are you looking for something in particular?
Me: no, I dropped off 2 big books for you because I couldn’t sell them.
Her: I don’t particularly need them.
(At that point I seen a book I would like to read from Malcolm Gladwell. The price said $5)
Me: I will give you $2 for this book.
Her: no, they cost me money to bring to the store, and I need to cover costs.
Me: ok I will give you $3. Take it or leave it.
Her: no it’s not worth it to sell that book so low, he is a good author.
Me: ok fine then, no deal.
Her: how about if I give back your college yearbooks.
Me: no way, they are your responsibility now. I gave them to you. In fact, I have 2 more in my car to give to you.
Her: I don’t want anymore. Don’t give them to me.
Me: ok, I won’t give them to you if you sell me the Gladwell book for $2.
Her: no deal.
Me: ok I will go get those other 2 books to give to you then. Thanks!


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