House Property Value Goes Up To Prevent Tribes From Wandering

It has happened all the time throughout human history. There have been tribes of people who don’t quite fit into the cultural norm that can be found wandering the landscape. They only own what they can carry and carved a life out for themselves.

Thousands of people rely on travel as their main source of survival today. Look at the migrant workers. None of them own any homes, instead they can’t own and have to move to a new place that needs them the most. Most of them are happy doing so.

Humans are not trees with roots. We have a strong need to move around a lot. Our natural tendency is not to confine how whole livelihood to a small property for the rest of our lives. That is too boring. I can speak from experience about my depression with home ownership.

I felt very stuck inside my own home. It was exciting at first, but then got all too familiar and boring very quickly. I didn’t like coming back to it every day because it brought me no joy. The only thing I felt relief from was the fact it was supposed to go up in value. But in reality, after 8 years, I sold it for the same price I bought it.

There is virtually no incentive to buy a home. In fact, I don’t even care too much for renting either. All of the landlords I went into an agreement with have been jerks in one way or another. The housing game has been a terrible experience.

I experienced my heaviest weight while owning my own home. I had the worst health crisis’s while owning. I felt the most isolation and mental illness under the auspices of homeownership. There is little joy to have while owning property, particularly in Wisconsin.

Of course, the technology grounded me in my home as well. I owned a few desk top computers and was on them all the time. They were the main reason that I would spend a lot of time at home. But that was not good for my health. I spent a lot of time in the basement where the mold and humidity got very bad in the summer. The winter was dry and very inhospitable.

I would have done far better relocating to a warmer and more stable climate a long time ago. I didn’t realize this until after I lost the majority of my money. By being able to stay mobile, I’m able to move around and follow good climates. I have more of a herd mentality right now.

I look at home dwellers with pity. They don’t seem that much different from prisoners. Everyone walls themselves and develops avoidant personality disorders in similar fashion. In fact, the home dweller may be more prepared to move into prison than they think. Many may even ask what the punishment actually is since they have been living very similarly to a prison style life all their lives.

I have read a lot of history and find that there are a lot of wandering tribes. Yes, they run into conflict sometimes with the territorial people’s, but with the right negotiation tactics they all can get along as the travelers move through the area. Of course not everyone has the desire or is built for travel. But, we shouldn’t try to confine those who want to travel to buying mortgage for property they will hate and make them depressed. It just works out best for everybody.


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