Comparing Weather: Ocean Shores, WA to Rice Lake, WI

Rice Lake looks consistently miserable day after day with the high humidity. The heat and humidity feels terrible. Then you have the added stress of potential rain showers to to dampen your days. Without a strong dehumidifier and Air Conditioner unit in a nice shelter, the Rice Lake, WI weather is truly awful in the summer.

Plus, with the higher heat, Mosquitos get a lot worse. The insects thrive in the warmer temperatures:


At the same time that Rice Lake is experiencing such hot muggy days, Ocean Park has amazingly cool days that don’t fluctuate more than 10 degrees. Rice Lake bounces a considerable 25 degrees within a day which is too extreme for anyone and will play tricks on your mind:


I can’t stop gawking at the difference between the 2 areas. One is clearly a better kind of place to live, yet for some reason, Rice Lake has the larger population. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Here is me being quiet at the Ocean Park Library:


4 thoughts on “Comparing Weather: Ocean Shores, WA to Rice Lake, WI

      • My first day here, some girl from the sobriety place alled, “Free by the Sea” told me to go be homeless somewhere else. Then she started to tell me about some Long Beach shelters. I think she might have stayed in one.

        What do you think about trying a different Alcohol Treatment Center? This one is right on the Pacific Ocean and its all beautiful. I eat berries when I walk to go to the public bathrooms sometimes.

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