Hoquiam Drugs Wars are More Sophisticated Than just the Black Market. Are they processing drugs in town?

When I simply wrote the word, “Hoquiam” into my last blog, I never expected to have so much of the city become aware of my words at once. The city is known for a lot of interesting things throughout its history, but it has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. The corruption is so bad that the mayor will monitor social media on a daily basis and scrutinize everything that is mentioned about the city.

I am simply a traveler. I am no Frank Serpico or Chris Dorner. I can only talk from my gut feelings and intuition. I have travelled a lot of different cities throughout Washington, and Hoquiam remains the most suspicious city I have seen yet. At least in other cities it’s clear there is a separation between criminals and cops. But in Hoquiam, it’s not so clear.

What really bothers me is how the librarian can nonchalantly mention that Hoquiam has the cheapest heroin right now. It’s like people who go to this city have one thing in mind. If you want to buy Hoquiam heroin, you have to buy from city-approved dealers. Everyone else is run out of town.

I don’t do drugs, let alone heroin. I was definitely not a buyer while I was in the city, so they didn’t have any need to see me around there anymore. I was welcome during the day at the library, but as soon as the Internet shut off at midnight at the library, a cop was harrassing me hardcore. I felt like such a criminal.

A lot of people come down to Hoquiam and Aberdeen from Tacoma and Olympia. Many of them seek one thing. Most of them will humble themselves and buy their heroin from Aberdeen dealers. But if they want better quality heroin, they will want to make the right connections in Hoquiam. The city that professionalized heroin sales has come a long way in its history.

I remember seeing an old picture of women wearing wooden bathing suits. The picture was taken in the 1950s in Hoquiam to promote using wood products for everything.



They were called the Spruce Girls. It almost sounds like, Spice Girls. Apparently, some are still around. I talked to a museum curator in Raymond, WA who knew all about them. The curator said that these bathing suits were just a promotion and were never really brought to market.

Anyway, this wood extraction technology has been suffering for a long time now. There was a story about the Cosmopolis wood processor that shut down for a little bit. Cosmopolis is about a 10 minute drive away from Hoquiam.

The area started to seriously go downhill because of the Spotted Owl. People seem to really hate that bird. In fact, the Aberdeen street artist poked fun at the bird by writing a description of but not actually making a sculpture. Instead, you can understand that he is saying the spotted owl is nonexistent in his own artistic way.

Either way, a lot of wood processors were left without work or an income. But they had all of that schooling in extracting rayon from spruce trees that they couldn’t let go to waste. So, why not extract from other sources of plants. But you can’t just extract phytochemicals from any plant for free. You still need to make a profit, right? Let’s use our extraction skills to produce heroin from the opium poppy plants.

This sounds a little like a story that I’m fabricating, and I apologize for that. They are just my own thoughts. i don’t know what exactly is going on over there in Hoquiam. All I know is there is a paranoid mayor and trigger-happy Cops. Plus, the citizens seemed to be mostly a rough lot as lot, from the ones I came into contact with. The first day, I thought was going to get into a fight with some young ruffians who asked why i was just sitting in my car.

You have to understand where I am coming from on this. Look at the city on a historical level. In the late 80s came the Spotted Owl debate that shut down a lot of timber industry. Then heroin started to pick up as a problem. The city became more entrenched in the heroin trade and the prices are somehow even lower, like there was some kind of breakthrough in it’s development.

Many people are still attracted to Aberdeen, WA because of Kurt Cobain. We all know he had a heroin problem. People who explore the area find out from all kinds of sources about the heroin trade. I found out that the heroin is cheaper from the librarian. This city of Hoquiam and surrounding other cities are in serious trouble and someone needs to investigate their government structures. I think the problem is being supported by the city to some extent.

They see themselves as being on the edge of the world being so far west of the Nation. A lot of people want to glamorize the wild west and all the shenanigans that occurs within that culture. But heroin is a terrible drug to support on any level. I think that the opium is being shipped into America and that it’s all being processed at old wood processing plants. Just look at the process of extracting rayon from hemlock, it only takes a little tweaking of the machines to turn it into processing facilities for opium into heroin.

I said my peace. Thank you.


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