Are you a Broadcaster or a Boredcaster? Where do you fit on Younow?

You have two choices on Younow, either you have a lot of fans or you don’t. Either you can show a lot of energy and jump and dance around excitedly. Or you lay on the floor, or your bed and act like you are dead. I have seen a few people just lay on their floor and do nothing. It’s almost like watching animals at a zoo.

The Boredcasters primarily respond to the comments. Comments are what drive them. They have no agenda, except to be watched. They don’t seem to know what they want for themselves. They simply react. They may be very vulnerable to other people and rules need to be in place to control harrassment.

Real broadcasters can talk about their own personal agendas for hours. I haven’t seen that activity yet on Younow, but I’m sure it’s there. I’m still new with Younow. There are definitely people out there who can talk for hours about a subject. They do it all the time on radio. The radio show people know that they their stuff generally isn’t isn’t listened to again, if at all. So, why not have fun with it?

Broadcasting has never gotten easier for so many people. But you do need the necessary devices to do it, with a laptop and wifi. 

Most people confine their broadcasting to their bedrooms or rooms in their homes. I would like to see them outside the house a little more. It’s nice to see different backgrounds. That is a lot of the reason why I have enjoyed video games and travelling.


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