Hillary Clinton Was The Only Female Board Member for Walmart in 1990

I was reading Sam Waltons book and came across this interesting bit of information Walmart didn’t get a female board member for almost 20 years until about 1990. Sam had some strict beliefs and policies about women in the workplace. For a long time, he forbid dating in the workplace because he felt favoritism and poor work habits would develop from the relationships.

He eventually eased up on his harsh demands about dating and enforced the policy of not outwardly showing favoritism towards a partner over another coworker. Sam didn’t even want family members working in the same department. I always wondered why I got asked so many times if I had any family members working at a company.

The book author tried to get some comments from Hillary Clinton about the policies at Walmart, but she failed to respond. What is she hiding? That’s what I want to know. She is supposed to be a front runner now for President, but I want to know more about her secret involvement as a Walmart board member now.


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