Nice Craigslist Discussion on Counterfeit Money

Can I buy a gallon of milk with this? < Acumagnet > 07/25 15:55




Depends on the store. § < >


I usually see only the corners cut. § < > 07/25 16:02


There was a story in the paper of a man < > 07/25 16:24

arrested for trying that. He had cut off all 4 corners of a $20 bill (ruining it) and taped all 4 corners on to a single dollar bill.

Couldn’t figure out why that would make him any money.


Yeh. His twenty dollars cost him 21. § < >


Duh. Cut one from each of 4 20’s. §


R U experienced with that ?_ §


No. I’m just a lot smarter than you are.


Don’t brag … many people are smarter than me.


I appreciate you. < > 07/25 16:46

I’m sure you have talents that make you special.

We’re all different.

My talent is dealing with numbers, puzzles, etc.


So you are going to turn in 4 damaged bills with < > 07/25 16:37

4 different corners cut off for a refund?



Brilliant. … not you, < > 07/25 16:41

the bad guys would spend that money where they thought that they could get away with it.


A co-worker was arrested with one of those. < > 07/25 16:09

Payday with no money in his pocket, goes to the bank during lunch and cashes his check.

On the way back to the job he stops in an OTB to place a bet. Pays with that bill and is asked to wait a moment.

Security comes and places him in handcuffs while he wonders what is going on.

After a short while he is released when they accept his story that the bill came from the bank.


Would you buy that story? < Acumagnet > 07/25 16:25

I suppose justice was served by catching him on the street.


They might have been watching that bank, < > 07/25 16:30

it’s not likely that it was the first time it happened.


I think your story is counterfeit. < > 07/25 16:34

Bank employees are trained to spot counterfeits.


Bank employees are sometimes the crooks. § < > 07/25 16:36


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