Typical Computer Forum Trolls on Craigslist.

does the eink 2nd screen save battery life? 07/18 12:22

I don’t understand what is going on with this.

Stop being such a dinosaur 07/18 12:49

You should know very well by know that computers the size of phones easily outperform your desktop of 10 years ago.
Please provide a link to that computer that 07/18 12:59

is the size of a phone. And don’t say phones are now considered computers, dumbass.
Phones are computers. Look up the defintion 07/18 13:06


Maybe you should try reading regular common English some time and stop trying to apply your Program language to everything.
Though that may be, still isn’t a phone forum! 07/18 13:12

There are plenty of phone forums available if you need one though.
Should be a few in these links. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=smart+cell+phone+forums
Good luck!
See why everyone calls you STUPID. 07/18 12:58

You can’t even ask your question in the correct forum.

You’re probably too stupid to even find the Android Forum.
If it’s not on the main forum, it doesn’t exist § 07/18 13:03
DUMBASS 07/18 13:06

Is that a “Travis Says” statement.

Sorry, Travis. You are NOT Simon. We only play “Simon Says”.

Simon says “Join ComputerJunkee”.
Is this a reference to Star Trek? 07/18 13:21

I’m not following what you are saying here.

Do you have a link to the episode you are referring to?
Hey Dumbass 07/18 13:24

If I was referring to a Star Trek episode, I would have referenced the episode.

Here’s an example, Travis, from Forest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

You stupid dumbass.
Psssttttttttt 07/18 13:20

The forums on CL are only a few of the MILLIONS of forums on the INTERNET.

You’re right, if it isn’t on the main forum directory it doesn’t exist ON CRAIGSLIST, so that means you have to go to some place else where it DOES exist.

There is no forum on CL for “visit my website”.
There is no forum on CL for “Give me money”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m looking for a job”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m selling my computer”.

People who post that shit get ridiculed and get their posts flagged and those who continue to do it get labeled as TROLLS and then they NEVER get help, even to legitimate questions.
Your lucky, gonna let you slide for awhile after 07/18 13:32

your loss.
A phone is a computer nowadays, these dumbasses 07/18 13:30

don’t know any better.
Where’s your handle PinkBlood? 07/18 13:35

I got it, I got it, I’m gonna get your handle and eat it all gone…..

THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’s you handle, where’s your handle?


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