Oh, the Setbacks are the Worst to Deal With

I was just told that my body odor is offending people at the Ilwaco library. This is the first I had a librarian approach me and tell me that, besides the Rice Lake incident. I told the librarian I would clean my arm pits right away. She told me that I can’t use the library bathrooms to clean my body. I told her I was going to go to the bathroom for regular use. So, eventually, I did a little make-shift cleaning and changed my shirts.

The weather has been warmer out and I put out more body odor because of it. It’s harder to control my scents in this heat. It’s frustrating. As cold as the ocean is, I find it too hard to just jump in and swim. Either way, summer time is a bad time for me. I usually prefer the winter time, because it’s much easier to keep cooler. Although, it can get a little too cold when it gets below 20 degrees.

I tend to get sick in the very cold weather. I think about 55 degrees is good enough for me. That seems to manage my activity heat and I can still layer for warmth. I used to think that 65 was ideal, but it doesn’t seem that way many times.

This library is cramped for computer usage. There are only 2 tables and about 4 other Seniors love to set up their laptops for work. This is a rare place that I have come across that I have to compete for space. using my body odor against is a good and fair tactic to get me to move. I have brought my smell problems on to myself by not caring for myself enough. That’s the price of being homeless.

I just found out that my Abandoned Home posts were getting flagged off Craigslist. I had no idea that was going on until I finally decided to look. Now, I can’t advertise my abandoned videos to anyone. I end up just making them for myself. Oh well.

I haven’t worked to earn money in weeks either. This is very frustrating. The Taskrabbit has failed me. They changed the system and I have no idea who is hiring anymore. I am trying to look at other similar apps, but nothing is looking very interesting.


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