The Reason the Inuit Don’t Suffer Heart Disease is Because they Consume Seal Blood

People talk about how the high fat diet of Eskimos should lead to heart diseases and early death. Yet they are consistently shown to have perfectly healthy hearts throughout their lives. We only have a small picture into their culture as to how they consume food.

Many of us only see certain kinds of food that the Inuit eat as edible. This is because our own culture puts blinders on our eyes and we see only small portions of the culture that we feel we can compare to our own. Since we are limited to looking at other cultures through our own culture, many of us completely discount the blood consumption undertaken within their tribes.

Blood feeds our own blood and will keep our circulatory system healthier. There are a lot of benefits to drinking the blood of other animals, and the Inuit will not waste such a precious resource. They have to get creative with extracting every drop to feed their families.

Americans are in a decline largely because we constantly change the culture to encourage passive-aggressive behavior. Look at our problems with fat soldiers now. They are not healthy. They are no longer consuming the types of food products that once keep our ancestors strong. Even President Obama is saying the younger generation is predicted to not live as long as previous generations because of bad health practices.

Is blood the answer to everything? No, but it is certainly stands as a reminder of a precious resource for nourishment that people are turning their backs vainly. Blood could become a commodity. The animal slaughterhouses are very efficient with extracting every piece of the animal to use for various trades.

I have no idea what the manufacturers are doing with all their animal blood right now, but they have probably found something useful for it. Maybe it’s being used to feed the predator animals in some way. Either way, it’s very useful for humans as well. Women would best make use of drinking blood because they tend to suffer the highest rates of iron deficiency.

Americans suffer a lot of heart disease issues. The Inuit do not. Maybe we could take a step back and reevaluate our choices. Imagine replacing HFCS with blood. All diseases would go away. Think of that while you pour more syrup on your pancakes.


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