Woman Taking on Ocean Spray is a Real Hero and Needs Support

She is doing something I wish I was able to do. These food mafuacturers need to stop mislabeling and adding so much sugar to their drinks. In turn, they want to claim that concentration is different, but it’s not that different. They may argue that maple syrup has been eaten for hundreds of years and is extracted too. But that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Maple syrup is too sweet and will also cause you risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I drank the sap straight from the tree once and was surprised how extremely sweet it is. When it is boiled down, or “concentrated” it yields an even more powerfully packed dose of sugar. This is the same approach that Ocean Spray is taking with their juices.

These elusive practices need to be stopped by food manufacturers. Did you know that 80% of food sold in grocery stores have sugar added or concentrated? Just because it is common, doesn’t make it right. Just look at the end result of all these overweight, obese people hanging by a thread to their blood pressures and blood sugar stability. Many suffer and don’t even realize why.

What needs to be brought out clearly for everyone to see is how Ocean Spray views concentrated sugar and sugar extracts. At what point do they consider their products dangerous. If they say that you need to consume a little bit of everything and that what they sell is harmless, I would object and call that frivolous. They cannot bring any other food into the matter. They need to focus on themselves and how bad their labeling has gotten.



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