Observations of Ilpaco and into Long Beach, WA

Let me first say that I can see why Raymond, South Bend, and even Naselle seem like such speed bumps to drivers. A lot of traffic passes through these villages and towns, but no one ever seems to stop unless its for gas or food. If you like quietude and being a lone a lot, then those villages are great for that.

The ultimate destination for all the RVs seem to be the Long Beach and Ilpaco areas. These cities seem to have a lot more commercial areas that are far better built up than others. They paved their trails. They have more signs up telling us where we can’t park overnight. They have a large harbor that can dock very large boats.

I really enjoyed my walk around Black Lake yesterday. The trail is fairly wide and the trees almost look like old growth trees. Its a very beautiful sight to behold. They even have benches for a group of people to sit and listen to someone speak on the trail. The seating is for about 20 people.

While walking a long the beach, I found 3 dead and rotting seals. One of those was a sea lion. I’m not sure what the clean up activity is like on the human end, but the birds and flies are certainly on the job. I will say that these decaying seals are spread very far a part. It is a very long beach after all.

There seem to be a lot of empty buildings, businesses and homes around here. One home is clearly abandoned, but cared for.

Walking to the beach today in Long Beach, I took an obscure trail that seemed almost like a deer trail, even though I don’t see deer anywhere. While walking, I ended up in someone’s yard, and then just a few yards off the property, in some dense pine tree cover, I saw a tent pitched. I didn’t want to get too close, but I could tell that they were probably bums.

There are many places a person could hike to and set up a tent to sleep for free. It’s not so easy to do at other beaches, but this one is more possible because it’s just a long inlet and has a lot of trees for cover. Also, the property owners have to keep a very long distance from the ocean shore, possibly for safety concerns.

I hate the Asian grocery store in Ilpaco. The store is a mess and the milk is $5 per gallon. I think they keep the milk price high because they are lactose intolerant like typical Asians and spiteful about it. The grocery store in Long Beach is $4 for milk. So it could be worth the drive. The Asian grocery is right before you enter Cape Disappointment. They have a good location for business, just terrible store display.

The summer climate is nice, just too sunny. My skin burns too easily. Luckily, there are a lot of trees to provide nice shade. Depending on what you doing, you can escape the sun with some diligence. It doesn’t get too hot that is noticeable, unless you are physically working hard.

I hardly see any bums here. They are well controlled, I guess. This area is mostly designed for retired Baby Boomers.

There is an empty bowling alley that is for sale. It doesn’t look like its been used for a long time, but someone still mows the grass around it. Its kind of a nice spot to hang out at and look at Black Lake below. I just sat in the grass one day and rested there for a bit. It was nice.

A lot of fishing activities occur in Ilpaco. You have charter fishing trips on up to the fish factories where they process them.


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