My Experience at Call Center for GSI, 2011 Christmas

I answered inbound calls for 7 weeks as a Toys R Us agent. That year Barbie, Skylanders, LEGOs, Leapfrog touch pads, and a few other toys seemed very popular.

GSI had a call center in Eau Claire, WI. This was the last year GSI and Toy R Us had a contract together. They could not negotiate a new contract. GSI was not too concerned though, because EBay inked a deal with them over Christmas. I had to sign a no disclosure agreement to prevent information leakage. I didn’t know what to think about them.

I took calls from across the whole nation including Canada. One lady called from England once and asked about a Batman toy. She couldn’t get the toy in her country because it was out of stock. I was not allowed to help her, since my call center didn’t handle shipments overseas.

A low percentage of calls were from Spanish speakers. Probably about 1 in 60 calls came from the Spanish. I had a script to use for them to arrange a call back later for them. A fluent Spanish got in touch with them.

The majority of the calls were moms. Very few were male. I heard a wide range of accents. It was fun to guess what part of the country they were from with their accent. One lady, for example, I could tell she previously lived in New York, but moved to Florida. She had a very relaxed New York accent because of the time she spent in Florida.

My trainer described the Call Center as something like drinking water from a fire hydrant. Many of the new associates were scared. In fact, after the 5 day training part was done, some quit and took the money. One girl tried to overcome her anxiety, and showed up on the first day in the Call Center. She left and never came back.

Most of us stayed, of course. The first day of answering calls was very stressful. I had to research almost every question asked. I had a manual to refer to on the Internet. It was a lot to read through over and over again. It was quite the challenge.


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