3 Dead Robbers and 3 Live Robbers; California More Likely to Kill than Wisconsin

In California, the LAPD will kill the bystanders to get to the 3 robbers. If you watch the news, the anchor people described it as a Wild West scene, like it came from the movie. It sounds like manifest destiny to me.


While in Wisconsin, the 3 robbers were on a crime spree for a couple weeks, before they were caught after another robbery at a bank. No shots were fired, and no one died:


You can see there is a clear difference between cultures in California and Wisconsin by these major crime reports that occurred on almost the same day. The number of robbers were the same, but the police response was vastly different. I believe the robbers in California may have had more weapons, but who really knows the details?

If you read Facebook comments about the Wisconsin robbers, you will see people saying how these robbers should have been killed. However, when you read responses by citizens for California, they decry how the law enforcement is overpowered.

The Rice Lake robber ran through people’s yards and actually had the citizens running after him to aid the police officers. While in LA, Ca, the citizens were running for cover and for their own lives to allude the hail of bullets that were sprayed during the gun fights.

Which way will you have it between these 2 similar scenarios? You can’t have it both ways. All cops are scared just like anybody else. You can sure bet the Rice Lake Police were just as frightened of the unknowns as the LA Police were. After these incidents, you can bet that the LA citizens approval of the police tactics will go down, while approval for Rice Lake and Eau Claire goes up.

LA already reached a low point for me with the Chris Dorner situation. They killed innocent bystanders while hunting for Dorner. He became a legend after his death and really stood his ground. He wasn’t as lucky like Frank Serpico was back in the early 1970s in New York City. Cops will have the squealer killed to protect their illegal activities. They certainly need to be questioned more about their activities. They have become more powerful than ever since 9/11 with all the extra Grant money.


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